Apple Celebrates Earth Day with ‘Better’ Environmental Responsibility Campaign

Better CampaignApril 22 is Earth Day, a holiday created in 1970 as a way to honor nature and the how humanity can coexist peacefully with our surroundings. By the 1990s, it was a worldwide phenomenon. Songs were sung about it. Today, cities around the world hold events dedicated to preserving the environment. It is such a popular occasion that no one, no matter what your political view is, can ignore its impact. Today, Apple has launched a new campaign that both reminds us of the importance of environmental responsibility and shows off what the company is doing to contribute to the cause.

The opening video, narrated by CEO Tim Cook, speaks to the importance of doing things “Better.” He explains that it is in our DNA to want to make the world a better place, including being environmentally responsible. Cook goes on to talk about how Apple works to be more responsible by using less packaging and greener material, and by doing whatever they can to keep their products out of landfills.

The campaign page is full of information on how Apple is reducing their impact on climate change. The company states that they believe that climate change is real and a problem. “As a global company that makes some of the most popular products in the world, we know we use a lot of energy and materials, which in turn generates greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.”

Thanks to recent efforts, Apple has made big changes to reduce their footprint and use energy more efficiently. In addition to the efforts at the company’s many plants, Apple has also been hard at work making our lives more environmentally responsible. According to the website, Today’s iMac uses 0.9 watt of electricity when in sleep mode, down from eight watts at the turn of the century. Apple also uses cleaner, safer materials to eliminate harmful toxins that could have an adverse affect on people or the environment. The company boasts mercury free displays, PVC-free power cords, arsenic-free glass, lead-free solder, BFR-free plastics, and phthalate-free cables.

When it comes to recycling, Apple is doing its part to keep materials in use for as long as possible. Packaging material comes from certified sustainably managed forests and controlled wood sources. Remnant materials are oftentimes used for other parts. All Apple Retail Stores are now equipped to receive old devices for free, responsible recycling.

Apple is celebrating Earth Day by giving us a glimpse into what goes into making an environmentally responsible company. The company doesn’t pretend to be doing everything right, either. As Cook says in the video, “We have a long way to go and a lot to learn. But now, more than ever, we will work to leave the world better than we found it.”

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