iOS 6 Users Cannot Connect to FaceTime, Apple Recommends Updating to iOS 7

facetime_heroApple device owners who have not upgraded their devices to iOS 7 are reporting a shutdown of FaceTime. From the community forums, it appears that iOS 7 is unaffected, while devices running iOS 6 are most affected, no matter which device they are using. According to one forum poster, Apple’s advice is to update your system to iOS 7.

The issue was first recorded on April 16 with a number of users adding to the complaint the next day. Apparently, users have attempted to place FaceTime calls to or from a device running iOS 6 and receive the message, “Facetime Connection Failed.” Users have tried multiple troubleshooting options, including restarting devices, restoring to an earlier backup, and logging out and back in with no success.

MacRumors community forum has been discussing this issue since April 17. One MacRumors poster, timborama, reported that a chat with Apple support produced no results, noting, “Their only answer was to upgrade to iOS 7.”

However, not everyone is a fan of the latest operating system. Whether it is a member of the jailbreak community waiting for an untethered version of a software download, or someone worried about suffering from motion sickness, or even a user who just hates the new look. For some, updating to iOS 7 is just not going to happen.

It appears that the issue may not be relegated to just iOS devices either, forum poster Matthew Davison noted that FaceTime “seems to have stopped working on all our devices MacBook Pros iPads and iPhones just show “connecting” and they don’t.” A FaceTime test of OS X 10.9.2 by PadGadget shows that the application does work on the most current desktop operating system.

Apple recently published data showing that 87 percent of iOS users are running version 7.0 or higher, leaving just 11 percent on iOS 6 and only two percent on older software. Still, 11 percent of the estimated 800 million iOS devices that Apple has sold worldwide is a pretty big number. If you assume that all devices are active and running, we’re talking about 88 million affected users.

Apple’s Status System page shows that FaceTime is working normal, which must be frustrating for iOS 6 users who clearly are not experiencing normal FaceTime activity. It is not likely that Apple has decided to shutdown the video conferencing app for users on iOS 6. That would probably trigger a few lawsuits. Hopefully, Apple is aware of the issue and is working on a fix so that the affected 11 percent of the iOS community does not have to suffer for too long.

[Via: CultofMac]

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  • Namnoot

    I’m getting really angry at people on the forums who act so superior because they clearly have limitless income and their default reaction to iOS 6 users is “stop whining and upgrade” even though not all iOS devices are compatible with 7 and plenty of 7 users are reporting the outage too. There is no reason for 6 users not to continue using Facetime including those who are still locked into things like contacts and are still a couple years away from being able to change up. If they can afford it.

    • Lory Gil

      I agree with you that upgrading to iOS 7 is not the solution for everyone. It is not fair to assume that you are at fault for something Apple should be fixing. However, iOS 7 is compatible on the iPhone 4 and iPad 2. Are you sure your device is not compatible with iOS 7? Hopefully, Apple will fix this issue promptly.

    • fgm

      All my Apple gadgets are running on ios 7.1 as are my friends and family and our facetime has not worked for four days so I do not believe it’s an ios 6 problem.There are thousands of posts across the web from ios 7 users saying the same.
      Why won’t Apple admit there’s a problem ?

  • frankprendergast

    I upgraded to iOS7 and it didn’t fix the issue. Instead of “connection failed” I now get “connecting” but no connection is made.

    • Lory Gil

      Apple recently fixed FaceTime for older OS X devices. It appears they are on the path of the iOS fix. Don’t give up hope just yet!