Analysts Predict Decline in iPad Sales for Apple’s Second Quarter of 2014

Fortune analyst prediciton 2q 2014 2Ahead of each of Apple’s fiscal quarters, Fortune publishes a list of predictions from analysts, both professional and amateur. The iPad maker’s second quarter is just about to end, so the news organization has just released its quarterly list of predictions. Not surprisingly, analysts are expecting a decline for Apple’s tablet line. However, this time, an unusually large number of them have forecasted low numbers.

According to Fortune, almost half of the analysts they’ve heard from expect a decline in sales of the iPad from the same quarter last year. The average estimate comes in at approximately 19.3 million units sold, which amounts to a 0.7 percent decline from the same period a year ago. Wall Street professionals have a slightly higher estimate at 19.4 million, while amateurs predict 19.2 million.

The list of 34 analysts is comprised of 21 Wall Street professionals and 13 amateurs.

Last quarter, Apple reported sales of iPad units at a record high of 26 million. In that quarter, the pros underestimated their predictions at 22.8 million, while the amateurs came much closer with an estimate of 25.5 million. The previous quarter, the pros were dead on with a prediction of about 14.51 million. Apple’s official numbers were 14.5 million.

Traditionally, the pros have a more conservative estimate of sales, while the amateurs tend to forecast higher. Interestingly, not only is the situation the reverse this time, but also the two groups are more closely connected in their predictions than previous quarters with only a point-one spread.

Although there has been no official announcement at this time, Apple is expected to publish its quarterly earning sometime next week after the market officially closes on April 23.

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