Apple Rumored to Partner With Shazam to Teach Siri How to Identify Songs in iOS 8

shazam-ipad-appLess than two months from now, Apple will likely demonstrate features for its next big update to iOS at the Worldwide Developer Conference in June. While much is still unknown regarding what Apple will “wow” us with in 2014, rumors are starting to pop up here and there. Today, Bloomberg reported that Apple and Shazam Entertainment are collaborating on new software that will let a user identify songs and artists directly in iOS, possible with the help of the personal assistant, Siri.

According to Bloomberg, unnamed sources claim that the song-identification feature will be integrated into iOS 8 similar to the way Twitter is incorporated into iOS 7. Users won’t have to download a third party app to access the software. Users will also be able to activate the program by using Siri. For example, a user could say, “What song is playing?” and Siri will give the title, artist and other information.

As the popularity of song downloads decline, Apple is looking for ways to rekindle our love of owning tunes. It is also likely that, when Siri tells you what song you are listening to, she (or he) will then offer a link directly to iTunes so you can purchase it.

Apple has been testing out other tactics to entice music fans to buy albums. Beyoncé’s latest album successfully launched exclusively on iTunes. The self-titled 14-track release premiered in Apple’s music store and nowhere else for two weeks. It broke records to become the fastest selling album ever on iTunes with nearly one million downloads in just four days.

Even though Beyoncé was a big hit, record companies are reluctant to make similar deals with Apple for fear that they will upset other music selling sources, like Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Target.

Incorporating Shazam software into Siri might be a useful feature for making it easy and convenient to download music you like in just a few taps.

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