1Password for iOS and Mac ‘Heartbleed Sale,’ Half-Off for a Limited Time

1Password 1By now, you’ve probably already heard of Heartbleed, but if not, it is the single largest security bug to infect the Worldwide Web. In an effort to remind everyone how important it is to have strong, unique passwords, AgileBits has announced a Heartbleed Sale with both the iOS and OS X versions of 1Password on sale for half off.

I love 1Password. I create unique passwords with it that I can store and sync across my desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. I know that Apple now offers iCloud Keychain through Safari (which I also use), but for some reason, I feel that 1Password offers an extra layer of security.

Shortly after iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks launched, 1Password was completely overhauled. Now, the password security service uses 256-bit AES encryption, plus Authentication Encryption to ensure that the only data in the app is what you’ve put there.

1Password 2You can also browse the Web within 1Password now using the secure in-app Web browser. Using Go & Fill, you can launch and sign in to websites with just a tap. It stores credit card information, address information, and all manor of important information.

1Password is expensive. The iOS app, which syncs across all devices, is regularly priced at $17.99. The OS X app, which syncs across desktop and laptop computers, as well as the iOS app, normally costs $49.99.

Because Agilebits knows how important it is to have secure, safe, strong passwords, the company has dropped the price of their iOS app to $8.99 and the OS X app to $24.99. During a time when it is more important than every to change your password for practically every service you’ve signed up for, purchasing 1Password is worth the price.

Download 1Password for iOS in the App Store and 1Password for OS X in the Mac App Store today.

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  • JenRellias

    I’ve read good and bad about 1Password. Anyone with some real experience with it care to comment?

    • http://www.sacramaniacs.com/ Lory Gil

      I have real experience with 1Password. I’ve been using it since 2008. It works perfectly. Syncs between computers. Syncs with iOS. You can store the software in Dropbox and access it from anywhere. Not sure what bad information you’ve heard. What are your concerns?