Next-Generation iPad Air May Get Touch ID This Year

Touch ID 3Last year, when Apple unveiled the iPhone 5s and 5c, one of the big new features to improve security was the addition of Touch ID. Of course, we all thought that the fingerprint recognition software would be included with the next generation of iPad. When Apple unveiled the iPad Air, it was completely redesigned with a new look, but was missing the additional security feature that Apple gave the iPhone 5s with no explanation why.

According to KGI Security analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Touch ID is coming this year to the second-generation iPad Air, as well as the iPad mini with Retina.

According to MacRumors, Kuo recently published a research note stating that the next-generation iPad Air will likely come out early in 2014 instead of the traditional fall launch. “The bug changes will be A8 processor, Touch ID (fingerprint recognition) and main camera resolution of 8MP.”

Kuo also noted that he believes Apple will also launch an upgraded version of the iPad mini with Retina display this year, complete with the same Touch ID and processor chip.

Kuo added that Apple would likely reduce the price of the current generation iPad mini with Retina Display. Something that Apple has already done with the first-generation iPad mini.

Touch ID is a useful feature that was conspicuously left off of the current generation of iPad. Apple had the technology to implement the security feature on the iPhone 5s, but for some unknown reason, did not include it with the iPad Air. It could be due to different technological necessities that the company had not yet figured out. However, the button size is exactly the same on the iPhone and iPad, so size isn’t the issue. It could be that Apple wanted to leave off a cool feature in order to convince early adopters to invest in the next generation of iPad, even though the iPad Air is already perfect.

It could also be that Apple never had any intention of adding Touch ID to the iPad and Kuo’s prediction is wrong. We will see as the year unfolds.

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