Apple Testing Push Notification for Informing You About Fixed Errors in Maps App

Apple Maps Push Notification 3By now, many of us have already reported problems to Apple from errors relating to the Maps app. Whether the location isn’t where it should be, or directions go the wrong way, or search results end up way off the mark, the Maps app has needed a lot of attention since it launched in 2012. Some users have reported errors in Maps to Apple and never seen the problem get fixed.

According to MacRumors, Apple may be adding a feature that will send you a notification when an error you’ve reported gets fixed. It doesn’t really change much, but it will probably make you feel better knowing that you’ve taken part in improving Apple’s Maps app.

According to a MacRumors reader, who also provided the tech blog with a screenshot, after reporting an error in Maps, the user was given the option of receiving a notification when the problem was resolved. Apple sent the user a Push Notification two days later stating the issue had been fixed.

The feature appears to be in testing at this point. The original reader who contacted MacRumors said the option had only appeared intermittently and MacRumors could not reproduce the issue. However, forum posters for the site noted that they too could confirm the notification feature.

Apple Maps Push Notification 1

The ability to report errors in Maps has been an option from the beginning. Thankfully so, since the mapping service was known to be rife with issues. This new Push Notification feature would be helpful to let users know that their complaints are not going unheard.

Apple is also rumored to be working on changes to the Maps app that may end up in iOS 8, which is likely to be demonstrated at this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference on June 2 – 6.

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