Leaked Samsung Memo Reveals ‘Beat Apple’ Was Company’s Top Priority

AvS.Samsung.2012Sometimes, it feels good when the side you are rooting for gets some recognition, not that Apple doesn’t get the lion’s share of attention in the media. But for the past few years, it seems like much of the tech reporting public considers the iPad maker to be on its way out. Discovering that its biggest competitor considers Apple to be an “extremely real” threat puts a little pride in my heart.

I’ve been a fan of Apple products for at least half my life. My tech buddies all make fun of me for getting the newest iOS gadgets and call Apple a has-been. When iOS 7 dropped, one friend said, “Welcome to Windows 2002.”

So, to hear that Samsung, which is a favorite of my tech buddies, released a marketing roadmap in 2012 showing that the number one priority was to beat Apple, I felt a sense of pride.

AppleInsider discovered the marketing slideshow, which is titled “STA High-Level Initiatives – Beat Apple.” The slide’s first bullet point, “Beating Apple is #1 Priority (everything must be context of beating Apple.” Samsung was smart to look to Apple to figure out how to become the number one mobile device maker. Less than a decade ago, Samsung was nothing more than a parts manufacturer. Since 2009, the Korea-based company has skyrocketed in success around the world.

Not only did Samsung consider Apple an “extremely real and urgent” threat in 2012, but it also sought to understand “why consumers buy Apple” products and develop countermeasures to get people to want Samsung devices instead.

Samsung’s desire to out-sell Apple in 2012 is not surprising. It is clear the two tech companies have been in close competition at least since 2011. In a period when analysts and tech media were claiming that Apple was not longer innovating, it is nice to see that someone other than us fans considered the company to be the biggest force in the industry.

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