IFTTT Now Available on iPad

IFTTTIFTTT is a really cool app that lets you create “recipes” that create certain triggers when specific actions take place. IFTTT stands for “If This Then That.” Users can create formulas or browse premade ones to help keep them connected to other apps and events. Today, the company updated the app with some very useful channels. Plus, IFTTT is no supported on the iPad.

IFTTT lets you create reactions based on actions. For example, you could have an email sent to you every time PadGadget posts a new article. These formulas are called recipes. They are like codes that you create to make something happen under specific circumstances.


Users create recipes for actions from a list of compatible channels. Channels include such services as Blogger, Craigslist, Dropbox, Evernote, Gmail, and much more. There are 87 channels so far with more being added regularly.

Creating a recipe requires you to allow a service to give access to IFTTT, like allowing access to post to Facebook on your behalf. You can then add the first part of the recipe, the trigger. Select a trigger. For example, you could select Craigslist for the trigger and add a URL for a search criteria.

Then, add the second part of the recipe, or the action. After adding the Craigslist search trigger, select email to have an email sent to you.

IFTTT 5The recipe will look as follows: If a new post from the search (X) appears on Craigslist, then send me an email.

If you can’t think of any recipes on your own, don’t worry. There are hundreds of them being created and shared with the IFTTT community all of the time. The iPad app has a nicely designed browse feature that lists collections, featured, trending, and recently added recipes. For example, under “Recipes for Nature Lovers” you can find recipes for getting weather reports, having specific Instagram updates sent to you, and saving National Geographic’s Photo of the Day automatically saved to your Dropbox.


In addition to adding iPad support, IFTTT recently received a few new channels, including one for Notification Center. That’s right. You can create a recipe to receive an alert in Notification Center from 86 different channels.

You can also set up location-based iOS Photo triggers, which allows you to designate an action based on an area. For example, if you set up the trigger location as your sister’s house, you could automatically send any pictures taken at her house to Facebook. That way, any pics of the new baby will be shared with friends and family without you needing to do it manually.

IFTTT is free and now available on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Download it in the App Store today and start making the Internet work for you.

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