Apple Makes Mobile Ads Available to Anyone with Apple ID

Apple iAds iPadApple has just announced that, starting today, anyone with an Apple ID will be able to create mobile advertisements for iOS using the company’s mobile-ad management took, iAd Workbench. Until today, the service was only available to registered app developers.

This is great news for small businesses and companies looking to advertise, but don’t want to register as an app developer to do so. Now, iAD Workbench will be open to a variety of users.

According to AdAge, Apple is rolling out new iAd features, including a web-based platform that allows businesses looking to buy advertisements the ability to launch, track, and adjust their campaigns. Advertisers can even run short videos within their ads now. About a month ago, AdAge reported that Apple would be rolling out full-screen video advertisements. It appears that the service is going to be included with the iAd Workbench. App users will be directed to a separate website or promoted iTunes content in addition to a mobile app.

“Apple imagines the iAd expansion will draw in new types of advertisers — an independent filmmaker or a small car dealership — unwilling to take the earlier developer plunge. The company is also banking on bigger spenders, like major film studios and retail outlets, signing up.”

Apple’s new, wider access for the iAd Workbench does not currently include iTunes Radio. However, after the initial launch of the service has proven to be such a success for exclusive iTunes Radio advertisers, it is likely the company will roll out more options to advertisers.

The service offers two different payment options. Advertisers will be able to either pay based on a bulk price per thousand impressions, or by individual cost-per-click.

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