Apple and Samsung Partner to Develop Android / iOS ‘iPad Universal’

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The current patent infringement case between Apple and Samsung has been put on hold after a shocking announcement was made that the two monolithic corporations had formalized a plan to combine Android and iOS onto a single tablet device named the iPad Universal. The deal has been under development since late 2012 but had hit some road bumps in development, which were overcome when Samsung realized how much they stood to lose in court and Apple saw a golden opportunity.

While details of the device merger are still trickling down, it appears that both companies contributed ideas to a device that could run both iOS and Android and users could choose their OS at an initial user selection screen. Essentially this creates user accounts with OS options on an iOS / Android compatible device.

“One of the biggest challenges we face in iOS is the incorporation of multiple user accounts,” explains Apple CEO Tim Cook. “When we first created iOS, Steve [Jobs] insisted that we leave out multiple user accounts because everyone was going to want their own device, and we’ve found that to be partially true. There is a portion of our customer base, however, that would like separate user accounts and so we are breaking down barriers with Samsung to bring some of their ideas onto the iPad. But we are doing it legally.”

The new iPad Universal will look essentially like an iPad Air because when Samsung designers showed Apple engineers what their next few planned products looked like, they already resembled the iPad very closely. One Samsung employee indicated that joining with Apple was going to save them millions in patent litigation because they had long since run out of ideas and had simply re-started copying the iPad. Why would Apple ever agree to such a deal? It seems that this is the first stage in a multi-year takeover which will result in a complete rebranding of Samsung with a new name and an apple shaped logo. Happy April 1st.

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  • jdb

    Nice Aprils fools…. Lol

  • disqus_5aPfMZInys

    What I really hate about April fools is that these stories stick around and can prank people after the holiday has passed.

    • Sam

      I don’t disagree… :-) I have to admit I fall for articles like this every year. They sure are fun to write though!