Bump Your iPad Storage to 2TB with LaCie’s Fuel Wireless Drive

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One of the things holding me back from adopting my iPad as my primary computer is its storage capacity limitation. I’m too cheap to get the LTE version and then pay for a bunch of cloud storage but perhaps there are other options which can provide a one time financial investment. LaCie, for example, offers a portable hard drive which is both wireless and battery operated, which might be the perfect solution for someone like me.

I have a really nice DSLR, a slightly older HD camcorder, a GoPro+, and yet I’ve been using my iPhone 5s camera more and more. The primary limitation is that after an afternoon of shooting I have to dump the files to make room for additional videos. The LaCie Fuel 2TB is a device which allows me to wirelessly dump my video files and then carry on without too much of a break. When I return to home base, I can attach the Fuel to my primary workstation for ingestion and post.

Here are some feature highlights:

  • Wireless streaming of content to up to five devices without an internet connection
  • The ability to create its own Wi-Fi network and act as a hotspot when connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi
  • Airplay® compatibility for mirroring content on a larger screen
  • A 10–hour battery life

Content is accessed through the Seagate Media app and works seamlessly with iOS file structure. The 1TB is currently available at $199.99 and the brand new 2TB version will be released in April at $249.99. I’ve known for some time that products such as the Fuel were available but it seems to me that they are finally reaching maturity and that Apple just isn’t going to budge on allowing external hard drives to connect to you iOS device. It’s time to buy one of these drives.

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  • CO2VA

    I have a 32GB Kingston Wi-Drive which works really well, but storage space gets used up fast so the 1TB option seems like a good way to take movies and tv shows when travelling.