Russian Government Drops iPad Usage over Hacking Concerns

Russian Government iPadAgence France-Presse (AFP) [via: Google News] is reporting today that Russian government officials have turned in their iPad tablets in exchange for Samsung devices under fears that Apple’s security protocols do not live up to their standards.

According to AFP, local reporters took note during a cabinet meeting that ministers were no longer sporting the iconic Apple logo on their tablets. When asked, minister Nikolai Nikiforov said the swap “took place not so long ago.” Nikiforov also told reporters that the new Samsung tablets were “specially protected devices that can be used to work with confidential information.”

Why the Russian government considers Samsung tablets to be more secure than Apple tablets was not mentioned. However, Nikiforov was quoted as saying, “American special services… will significantly increase the volume of information they intercept, which of course causes serious concern to many government clients.”

In the light of recent political actions involving Western sanctions imposed over Russia’s takeover of Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula, it is possible the Russian government has fears that American companies might have ulterior motives in working with the country. “This obviously orientates Russian clients, primarily state ones, to be very choosy about their partners in IT,” Nikiforov said.

Officials were noted as saying they feel safer with Samsung tablets because the South Korea-based company’s devices “have gone through the strictest system of certification” and meet the government’s demands of securing confidential information. Russia may be looking to China and South Korea in the future to obtain technology they feel is less likely to be hacked.

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