Flappy Bird Creator Says Über-Addictive Game Will Return to App Store

Flappy Bird Dong NguyenFor some of you out there, Flappy Bird was the be-all, end-all of casual games. Not only did this fan favorite make its developer, Dong Nguyen, a reported $50,000 per day, but it also spawned dozens of knockoffs, ridiculously high eBay listings for iPhones with it installed, and even a robot that could play the game to a score of 155.

Today, Gawker found a tweet regarding a desperate fan that asked whether Flappy Bird would every make it back online. His response was a definitive “Yes. But not soon.” Additionally, Cult of Android discovered another tweet from an avid fan that tracked Nguyen down for a picture and was told Flappy Bird would, in fact, be back in the App Store some day.

While this news is not particularly revealing, it does offer hope to fans of the game and those who never got a chance to get addicted to it before Nguyen pulled it. I wonder if all those people trying to sell their iPhones for thousands of dollars will get any bites now that the game stands a chance of showing up for free in the App Store again some day?

Not long after the game’s creator claimed the app profited him more than a quarter of a million dollars per week, Nguyen pulled Flappy Bird from the App Store, citing player addiction and too much attention as his reasons for taking it down. He told Forbes that Flappy Bird will never appear in its official form on mobile games.

However, he later admitted to Rolling Stone that would consider putting Flappy Bird back in the App Store, but with a warning: “Please take a break.”

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