Rumor: iOS 8 to Ditch Game Center and Change Notification Center

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I love rumor season and in spite of iOS 7.1 being released only earlier this week, version 8 is already lighting up the iOS rumor mill. The latest from, however, is good news because the Game Center might finally be phased out.

There are a variety of rumored changes that range from a simplification of the Notification system to the addition of CarPlay functionality. According to this round of rumors it seems that iOS 8 is going to be a smaller incremental update than iOS 7 before it.

A removal of the Game Center is not a surprise given that it is hardly used. I don’t have a single friend that uses it and it seems that even fewer people really understand it. The concept behind Game Center is not bad, but the rumored new system sounds much more intuitive because it offers similar features inside the games themselves instead of having to use a separate app.

Other refinements might affect voice memos (which has a semi-confusing interface), auto deletions of iMessage threads, the addition of a new inter-app communication API, and a change in the Notification system.

I’m sure that things will continue to change in the months leading up to the official announcement, but the rumors ring true because they match user complaints and aren’t off the wall. No matter what happens, I guarantee that the rumors will continue up to the day the official announcement is made this summer. As for the features I would personally like to see in iOS 8, it’s the refinement of existing offerings and the ability for users to customize features that I wish for.

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