Apple Reportedly Shelving 12″ iPad Pro

iPad ProDigiTimes, the same tech blog that earlier reported Apple had already placed an order for 80 to 90 million iPad Pro units is now claiming that the company never made those orders, but has instead, “shelved its large-size tablet project.”

According to DigiTimes, brand vendors have pushed for larger sized tablets in recent months, but due to lack of support from platform developers and ecosystems, Apple has decided not to follow through with their original plans to launch a 12.9-inch iPad.

DigiTimes isn’t the only organization to claim insider information on the so-called iPad Pro. International Business Times said to have knowledge that Apple was working on a 12.9-inch tablet that would combine the capabilities of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

Korea Times also reported that Apple would launch a high-definition 12.9-inch tablet that would have “very clear quality similar to that of USD.” International Business Times later added that Apple’s October launch of the iPad Pro would feature a 4K display screen.

DigiTimes’ newest report claims that brand vendors across the market are struggling with the larger screened tablet. Samsung’s flood of 12-inch tablets has produced a weak price and performance ratio compared to notebooks of the same size. Asuskek, in collaboration with Intel, was supposed to launch a large-sized tablet that would generate interest from other PC vendors to work with Android-based devices. However, Google didn’t want Microsoft to make money off of its ecosystem. So, Asustek has delayed future development of its tablet line.

Today’s rumor from DigiTimes conveniently lets the tech blog off the hook for a rumor that has not produced fact. However, with so many other organizations reporting that Apple is making a 12.9-inch iPad, it would be easier to believe that this rumor is the one that is wrong.

After all, Apple CEO Tim Cook did say that 2014 would be a big year for the company.

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  • MyIdea

    Okay, so they are announced that their own unconfirmed rumor is not true. Great way to get clicks. Spread false rumors, then shout loudly that they are not true.