Another Patent Links Apple to More Technology Around Wearable Devices

iWatch Demo

Evidence continues to mount that Apple is working on a new ‘wearable’ device, either in the form of an iWatch or some other exciting new product. A patent application was published today that points towards Apple getting into the finer details of what it is going to take to make a really great device.

The patent primarily deals with a method of detecting where the device is worn on a body, which means it will be able to know when you attach it to your wrist, ankle, or chest. Once that information is stored, it will be able to determine an accurate step counts and other information, even if there are missed steps or other misleading data collected.


Rumors about Apple making an iWatch are not new and yet it seems unlikely that Apple will simply follow in the footsteps of Samsung by releasing a device that simply attaches to the wrist. Apple has to prove it is going to innovate and not just replicate the success of other companies. You can be sure that if and when such a product is released that it will have a fair amount of innovation wrapped up in shiny new packaging.

It certainly seems that all of the pieces are finally falling into place with curved glass, smaller components, and other wearables such as Google Glass setting the stage. I haven’t been much of a watch wearer for many years, but I would certainly consider it, if it had the right mix of tech and Apple elegance.

What this patent application shows is that Apple is actively trying to rethink how wearables track movement and interact with typical mobile tech tasks. The bar is rising in a market which is quickly growing and I am interested to see what will be accomplished in the next year or two. It seems clear that wearables are the next big thing on the horizon.

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  • Falcarrion

    If it is just another fitness tracker. Im not interested.

    • Sam

      I totally agree! There are already too many of those.

  • Peter Cheng

    Looking for cooperations to these Patents !!