Judge Denies Apple’s Request for Permanent Injunction Against Samsung in Patent Suit


Early this morning Judge Lucy Koh of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California denied a motion for permanent injunction filed by Apple against Samsung in the widely publicized patent infringement case. It appears that you can’t win your cake and eat it too and this is in’t the last we’ll hear of this with upcoming patent litigation on its way.

There are hundreds of millions of dollars at stake in these situations and so it isn’t a surprise that Apple would seek a permanent injunction but Judge Koh explained her reasons for rejection, which include questionable survey results detailing the impact of patents in question, cost analysis of items, and the fact that “the public interest slightly favors Samsung”.

“Apple, in other words, cannot obtain a permanent injunction merely because Samsung’s lawful competition impacts Apple in a way that monetary damages cannot remedy. To award an injunction to Apple in these circumstances would ignore the Federal Circuit’s warning that a patentee may not ”leverage its patent for competitive gain beyond that which the inventive contribution and value of the patent warrant.’’

There is another patent trial between Apple and Samsung coming up in San Jose and this current setback for Apple is likely to set a precedent for future decisions. Has the original Apple vs. Samsung now been finally put to rest? Since both parties continue to have the ability to appeal, we are likely to see more in the news about this for some time.

Florian Mueller of fosspatents.com does an excellent job breaking down the decision by Judge Koh and explores the nuances of fairly complicated proceedings. Here is the official denial document for your Thursday reading pleasure. Enjoy!

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