Apple Cuts Apple TV Pricing with $25 iTunes Gift Card

Apple TVIt is possible that Apple is preparing to move old stock to make room for a new version of Apple TV. Today, the company has launched a special deal that would essentially make the set-top box only $75, brand new. The discount comes in the form of a $25 iTunes gift card, which you could use to stock up on movies for your new Apple TV.

According to 9to5Mac, early this morning, Apple retail store employees were told that, beginning today, anyone purchasing an Apple TV would receive a $25 iTunes gift card. The deal lasts until Wednesday, March 5. Online orders will also receive a $25 iTunes gift card. The promotion has been confirmed with Apple.

Either Apple has big things in store for the current generation of Apple TV and wants to get it into the hands of as many people as possible, or the company, as rumors suggest, has plans to update the set-top box in the very near future.

Last month, we learned that, supposedly, Apple TV would be getting an update to support Bluetooth controller options. Since the launch of iOS 7, companies have been working on compatible game pads. More and more Bluetooth-supported controllers are coming out on a regular basis.

We also heard rumors that the company might be launching a whole new set-top box, complete with AirPort Express inside. If that is true, Apple TV will probably cost a lot more than $99 in the future.

Apple’s push to sell more Apple TV devices might also be a way to get consumers to invest in the company before Amazon launches its supposed Prime streaming set-top box. Rumor has it that Amazon plans to launch  “Kindle TV” as soon as March. If Apple can get new a hold of new users right before Amazon releases a similar service, some customers might not be as willing to invest in the latter.

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