Square Testing New ‘Pickup’ App For Takeout Orders

Square Pickup 1Since its inception, Square has nearly changed the face of retail sales by itself. It went from being a digital credit card service with a dongle to becoming one of the most popular mobile point-of-sale provider in existence in just a few years. The company is constantly launching new apps with better ways for retailers to keep track of money and inventory. Today, Electronista discovered that Square is in beta testing for a new app called “Pickup” that would allow restaurants to create takeout services for patrons for fast and easy ordering though mobile devices.

squareappThe app, according to Electronista, lets customers order takeout food in advance of showing up at a restaurant.  Priceonomics is reporting that the new service is currently being tested with several restaurants in San Francisco.

“Instead of calling a restaurant to place a pickup order, users can just make the purchase with the Square Pickup App. The app is loaded with the restaurant’s menu. Just choose what you want, pay with Square, and then pick up your food when it’s ready.”

The invoice created when a customer places an order even includes a spot for the tip, so you can tip your takeout server and pay for your lunch in one quick process.

Ordering food online is nothing new. However, Square integrates with a restaurant’s inventory and cash register through its mobile credit service. There is a probability that Square won’t even charge an additional fee to restaurants since the company makes its money on credit card transaction fees.

squaremenuCurrently, you will need an invite code to access Square Pickup. However, it is just a matter of time before the service will become publically.

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  • Genizu

    I just wanted to inform you that appay does all that as well plus refills and iBeacon support. Also accepted by some Subway and Olive Gardens.

    • http://www.sacramaniacs.com/ Lory Gil

      Thanks for letting us know. Do you know what the business’ credit processing fee is? It also seems like Appay is directed more toward chain restaurants, while Square caters to small businesses.

      • Genizu

        Paying for goods using the app is optional, so any small business can accept orders remotely or use the cash register functions and keep their current credit card system if they wanted. However, the fee is about the same as Square if they choose to accept payments within the app. Any small business can do the entire process from our business app.