Happy Birthday Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs RememberedToday, arguably the world’s most beloved CEO would have turned 59. Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs died in 2011, but his legacy, unquestionably lives on. The company’s current CEO, Tim Cook, expressed sentiment for his friend today on Twitter, quoting things the creative techie had said in the past. Things like, “Stay hungry, Stay foolish,” and “Details matter, its worth waiting for,” remind us of Jobs’ tenacity and innovation.

It also reminds us that Apple, Inc. has survived for two years without the man who made the company, despite what financial analysts say. Apple has grown significantly since 2011 and holds number one spots across many brand and company ranking lists.

Since Jobs’ death, the company has had record highs in stock prices, continues to maintain the largest market share of tablets for its forth year in a row, and regularly posts record sales for the iPhone.

Although Apple’s best CEO is still sorely missed, it appears that he left the right people in charge. The company continues to grow, thrive, and innovate. As 2014 gets underway, we know Apple has big things in store for us this year.

Rumors of a branded television set have started to stir again. The so-called iWatch is practically in our hands right now. The company’s “little hobby,” Apple TV, is supposedly turning into the future of living room media with its own AirPort Express inside. There are also rumors that Apple will launch a third size for iPad in 2014, as well as a larger screened iPhone.

Thanks to Jobs, Apple has bloomed into a tech company that can’t be stopped. He has left behind a culture of innovation, determination, and perfection that carries on more than two years after his passing. Happy Birthday Steve Jobs. We miss you.

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