Apple Buys Mobile App Testing Company Behind ‘TestFlight’ to Beef Up Developer Tools


According to, Apple appears to have acquired Burstly, the company associated with SkyRocket and TestFlight. Given Apple’s track record of buying smaller companies it doesn’t come as a surprise, and neither does the shroud of secrecy that has surrounded this purchase. What I find frustrating is that once again Apple is going to leave quite a few developers out in the cold after essentially shutting down large portions of what these products offer with little or no notice.

News broke of this story after a number of breadcrumb clues presented themselves. TestFlight announced it was going to drop Android support on March 21. The TestFlight SDK was also terminated. A new app called Flightplan was also shutdown. When a successful company that works in a budding area of software development suddenly closes its doors without any word on why or without an obvious reason, it certainly does smell like it has been purchased.

After the original story had been posted, Techcruch updated with unnamed sources confirming that the acquisition had taken place and that Burstly employees had already move to offices at Apple. Now we get to wait for how this will affect app testing and beta testing functionality in the App Store ecosystem.

Some time ago Apple purchased an Italian company called Redmatica which sold software that worked in conjunction with Logic Pro X. I was a huge Redmatica fan and used all of their apps. One day I woke up and they had sent an email closing down their company and rumors began to fly that Apple had purchased them. I was frustrated but also hopeful that Apple would actually use some of the Redmatica offerings in Logic X but years have passed and it grows more and more likely that the features I liked aren’t coming. It’s nearly impossible to predict what Apple will do with Burstly.

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