Amazon targeting a Q1 Launch for Apple TV Set-Top Box Competitor

AppleTV2I’m one of those kooky kids who doesn’t have cable. Yes, there are some show I’ll never see unless a friend loans me the DVD. Even when shows do make it to Netflix, they are always at least a season behind, so I’m constantly telling people not to spoil things for me.

However, I don’t miss cable. I get enough content from my Apple TV that I feel satisfied with my television watching experience. One thing I’ve always wished for was an Amazon Prime streaming on Apple TV. That way, I don’t have to mirror shows from my laptop to my T.V. set.

There is probably a good reason why Amazon has never collaborated with Apple to add an Amazon Prime channel to Apple TV. That reason may just be because Amazon has plans to make a set-top box to compete with the likes of Apple TV, Roku, and others in the category.

According to Re/code, industry sources claim to have information that Amazon is getting ready to launch a Web TV box so users can easily move video from the Internet and onto their TV. Apparently, Amazon is so ready that the device is scheduled to launch this March.

We first heard that Amazon was looking into the set-top box market last August. The so-called “Kindle TV” is intended to bring Apple’s line of television shows and movies directly to viewers, instead of through competitors’ devices. The online mega retail company has been working on content creation over the past year. It is possible that Amazon wants to reach a wider audience.

If the rumors are true, you can bet more Amazon Prime subscribers will be looking into the device this March.

[Via: MacRumors]

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