Samsung Taking Pot Shots at Apple in New Commercial… Again

iPad Air PencilSigh. Samsung is at it again with yet another anti-Apple advertisement campaign. This time, the Korean-based company is using Apple’s iconic “Pencil” advertisement to make jabs at the iPad for being… get this… .2mm thicker than the Galaxy Tab Pro. Oh, that iPad Air is just so much thicker than the Galaxy Tab Pro. I just don’t know how anyone could grip it. It might as well be an encyclopedia.

Actually, the Galaxy Tab Pro does have a few things going for it, specs-wise, that the company notes in its commercial.

The screen is slightly larger at 10.1 inches and has a better quality display resolution at 2560 x 1600 with a pixel density of 299 ppi. The iPad Air features a 9.7-inch screen with a 1536 x 2048 resolution display with a pixel density of 264 ppi.

Additionally, Samsung points out that users can access multiple apps on the screen at one time. Users can watch a movie and check email at the same time. So far, the best Apple has come up with is the ability to switch between apps by swiping in Multitasking.

The thing that bothers me about commercials like this is that there is no reason Samsung should be putting down Apple in order to prop up its own product. Apple doesn’t stoop to such tactics in its advertisements. Trying to make oneself look better by putting someone else down is nothing but bullying and frankly makes Samsung look desperate as they search for ways to stand out.

If Samsung truly considered the Galaxy Tab Pro to be superior to Apple, its advertisements should showcase the fantastic features instead of spending half of the commercial showing us the iPad.

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  • Hal 9000

    Samsung IS desperate. It is so funny to see how they always compare Galaxy Tab with the iPad. I cannot recall and AD which shows only the Galaxy Tab.

    Apple doesn’t do this because they don’t need to. They are not desperate. They are the king of the hill.

    Samsung do not make ads for the Galaxy alone because it doesn’t have anything to show to convince the people to buy it. They need the iPad to try to trick people.

    Good luck Samsung, keep going.

  • Gamblor77

    hahahahahaha this is the best commercial I’ve EVER SEEN!!! Brilliant!! My second favourite is the one where the kids are holding a spot in line for their parents to buy an iPhone. So true and so funny!

  • Andrew

    Remember that Apple actually has used similar tactics to promote the Mac in their “I’m a PC, I’m a Mac” commercials. Those were all about putting down Windows.

    • Hal 9000

      Yeah. I was the same strategy, but the implementation was totally different. Apple attacks the PC / Windows real problems. Virus, Data lost when the Windows crash, the bloatware that come with Windows, the activation procedure, etc. and the do that showing the features of their products like iLife, iWorks, iTunes, The Mac OS X, etc. and how to make the things faster and easier (at least they say that) their cloud services and the integration between their platforms. The problem with Samsung is that they not offer anything but hardware. They don’t have software, they don’t have an OS they don’t have services services. They just have the hardware and the google OS, which by the way, is the same OS in all other android phone from all the different manufacturers, the don’t have anything different in this area. They can just compete with hardware, that why, for them 2 mm thinner is a huge advantage. They don’t understand that at this point, people don’t care about 2mm thinner, people are interested in doing more stuff with their devices, people who are watching a movie WILL NOT multitask to check email.