Apple’s App Store now Rejecting Apps with the Word ‘Flappy’ in the Title

Flappy Bird

It seems that Apple and Google are both getting tired of developers trying to cash in on the ‘Flappy’ phenomenon and I am right there with them. It was surprising to see the original Flappy Birds pulled from the App Store by its developer because it was very successful but the wave of obnoxious clones and look-a-likes is tiresome at best.

News of rejections came over the weekend as developers took to Twitter to complain about vague responses and unfair treatment from Apple and Google. At the heart of the issue is the supposed inequitable allowance of several apps which are clearly ‘Flappy’ clones that have been allowed, while other new games which do the same thing are being rejected.

Apple clearly has the ability to deny just about any app based on the official agreement’s wording and there is very little avenue for overturning such decisions. Without seeing the games in question it is hard to determine the full scope of rejection and the developers can complain all they want, but it is hard to take sides without further information.

Developing apps is a business and it certainly must be frustrating to have your submissions rejected, but I feel less sympathy when it concerns a cheap knockoff to an already obnoxious game. One of the things I like about the App Store is that it has a very curated feel to it and as long as Apple isn’t cheating against its own policy then I am in full support of rejecting apps.

Just as Seinfeld ended its popular run at the height of its popularity all those years ago, Flappy Birds (ironically a game essentially about nothing) has done the same thing and is making similarly shocking waves. We’ll see if its developer can create a follow up that is better than what Jerry came up with, which is still pretty much nada.


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