Study Shows iPad Users are Night Owls, Microsoft Surface Users are Workers

Chitika tablet overall usage by hourLast August, Flurry released a report showing that iPhone users preferred to take their fun on the go, while iPad owners preferred to stay indoors with their technology. Today, Chitika released a new study that shows iPad users tend to be more active at night, while Microsoft Surface owners prefer to use their tablets during work hours. That either means the Surface is used more for work than fun, or users are slacking off on the job.

Chitika analyzed hourly usage of tens of millions of North American tablet-based online ad impressions from Jan. 20 to Feb 2, 2014. The resulting data showed that “Surface users generate a slightly greater share of their total Web traffic during work hours as compared to iPad or Android users.”

According to the data, iPad users are the most active tablet users overall, in terms of raw data. The peak Web usage time for all tablets is 9:00 p.m. and iPad users generate more than four times the Web traffic of Android users. Comparatively, Microsoft Surface users maintain a very low amount of activity overall.

Chitika tablet usage by peak hourAnother study based on daily traffic in relation to tablets’ individual volume peak point showed that Microsoft Surface tablets did see an uptick of usage over the others between the hours of 12:0 0 and 5:00 p.m.. “The results support the idea that Microsoft’s tablets are generally used more frequently during working hours as compared to its major competitors in the space.” Chitika notes that the collected data cannot discern the type of Web traffic, so there is no way of knowing whether Surface owners are using their tablet for work-related activities or entertainment.

Although still a long way from overtaking the lead, this data points to evidence that Microsoft’s attempt to capture the business-oriented market is working.

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  • Richard Flapper

    It seems the better phrasing would be “Microsoft Surface users are non-existent”.

    • Lory Gil

      I shouldn’t “like” this, but I do. 😉