Apple’s Next Update, iOS 7.1, to release in March?

screen-shot-2014-02-06-at-11-21-17-pmIt looks like Apple is working hard on updating the current mobile operating system to iOS 7.1. This week, the company launched the fifth beta for the update, complete with upgrades to Siri’s natural voice feature in a variety of countries. Today, 9to5Mac is reporting that Apple with have the public version ready to launch by March.

Earlier speculation from analysts reported that iOS 7.1 would be ready by mid to late February. However, 9to5Mac cites “reliable sources” claiming the update will launch in March.

“Reliable sources say that Apple is currently planning to ship iOS 7.1, the first significant update to iOS 7, in March. The iOS 7.1 update is said to not have any “secret features,” and it will basically be what we have been told to expect by the past five betas: some user-interface tweaks in the Phone app, an improved Calendar app, speed improvements, and numerous bug-fixes.”

The tech blog also notes that it is possible that Apple will publicize the launch at an as-yet-unannounced event to take place in March. The event would possibly be related to a supposed update to Apple TV, something we’ve heard about in recent months. Apple has been known to hold press events in the spring and it wouldn’t be unheard of for the company to surprise us with an impromptu announcement.

However, it would be highly unlikely that Apple will wait until a special event to launch the update. Some iOS 7 users have complained about crashes, blackouts, and Safari glitches. I personally experience a blackout every few days on my iPad. When this update is ready, Apple will probably push it out subtly to get the bug fixes into consumer hands as quickly as possible.

Plus, there are no “secrete features” as noted by 9to5Mac, so there is no reason to wait for a big reveal. Hopefully, there won’t be any more delays with the coding of the update and Apple will be able to launch iOS 7.1 within the next few weeks.

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