Apple’s iWatch Could be a Fitness Nut’s Dream

iWatch Mockup Via

iWatch Mockup Via

This whole iWatch thing is getting out of control. Yet, I’m already pretty excited about the possibilities of what a wearable computer from Apple could potentially be like. One possibility is that Apple will focus on making the iWatch a fitness-based device. Look out Nike, Apple has its sights on you.

According to a new job posting that has subsequently been removed on Apple’s corporate website, the company is looking for a fitness physiologist that is knowledgeable in “the design of products and their testing/validation through user studies.” If I didn’t know any better, which I don’t, I’d say Apple is thinking about creating a smart watch that monitors the users’ physical output. Doesn’t that sound a bit like the Nike+ FuelBand?

According to a post from AppleInsider before the job listing was taken down, Apple was looking for someone to “design and run user studies related to cardiovascular fitness and energy expenditure, including calories burned, metabolic rate, aerobic fitness level measurement/tracking and other key physiological measurements.”

The position’s description is vague enough to be interpreted in many different ways. However, the fact that Apple needs someone who can “design and run user studies” makes one think it might be specifically related to the design of software for the iWatch.

There has been a lot of speculation as to what the iWatch would inevitably turn out to be. Many tech analysts are predicting that it will not be a stand-alone computing device, but a companion to the iPhone or iPad, similar to Pebble’s Smartwatch. Depending on whom you talk to, Apple will either succeed or fail miserably with this type of product.

I’ve always hoped that the so-called iWatch would be its own computer, like an iPod touch that you can wear. I think I’d be disappointed if it was nothing more than a fitness band. I am not particularly active other than a few sit-ups and an hour on the stationary bike every morning. I don’t have a bad heart, my metabolism still seems to work properly, and I don’t particularly care what my body mass index is.

A fitness-based iWatch is probably an exciting prospect for some people out there. I, however, will save up for the Apple television set instead.

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