MLB ready to have thousands of iBeacons for game day


The new big tech in advertising is being rolled out to sporting venues all over the United States. You can see it in action around the big game this weekend and now is claiming that MLB is prepping their stadiums as well. iBeacons are very new, which makes such rapid adoption slightly unprecedented, but thousands of people are already being led around and pointed towards event related destinations.

It seems that the iBeacons at MLB parks will primarily work with the ‘At the Ballpark’ app and will interact with fans in a variety of ways, custom to each venue. If rumors are true, there will be 100 iBeacons installed at 20 different ball parks before opening day in March.

It stands to reason that a lot of people are going to be watching closely this weekend in NY to see how the iBeacons perform in a high traffic situation. Fans will receive notifications of special attractions and proximity information for promotions and events.

The promise of this type of technology is to offer custom information which is targeted specifically for each consumer. In the future when our personal devices begin tracking our eating and spending habits, iBeacon devices would be able to tell us about nearby restaurants and shopping that are similar to places we’ve eaten at in the past.

The MLB installation is perhaps the biggest iBeacon use right behind the Apple Store initiative. I imagine it wont be long before outdoor malls and tourist areas also install beacons to help with advertising and the overall experience.They are already being sold to grocery stores and other retailers. There’s a walking mall in downtown Denver which runs the length of the city area and I can see a 100 uses for iBeacons. I’m sure that there are a lot of businesses which would love to get on board as well.

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