Ideas on Where to Watch the Super Bowl Online


The big game is almost here and if you are one of the many who have cut the chord on traditional television options, then you’ll need to find an alternate way to watch the Broncos beat the Seahawks. The good news is that it is easier than ever to enjoy the Super Bowl, thanks to Fox offering a live stream of the game with no strings attached.

Fox is streaming the game for free on the web and on it’s iOS Fox Sports Go app, which means you can watch the game from any computer and many phones / tablets. But the Super Bowl experience is not ideal on a tiny screen and should instead be enjoyed on a big screen with more food than Thanksgiving, right? There are a lot of options to see it on the big screen too. prepared a fun list of ways to not only watch the game, but also everything else surrounding the game. While there really isn’t a reason to go get a subscription to Verizon’s NFL service or the NFL audio stream, both YouTube and Hulu are providing access to Super Bowl commercials and additional content. My favorite accessory is the Apple TV which has Sports Center and a ton of other fun content.

Fox begins programming early in the day and concludes after the game with its post-game show. I haven’t had cable or dish in many years because I am able to find almost all of my favorite content using an over the air antenna or through streaming services online. Over the air HD looks really great and since the game is broadcast on Fox it is readily available.

Yes, I realize I started off by suggesting the Broncos will win, but that’s because I live in Denver and I am a huge fan. I think this game is going to be a great match and I’ll be watching with 20 of my closest friends on their huge flat screen using Direct TV. Sometimes the traditional way comes with the most food and fun.

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