Pssst, the NSA May be using Angry Birds to Spy on You

Angry Birds Star Wars II Main

I don’t understand why everyone is in such an uproar about the the NSA spying on us. If they track my personal data they are going to be terribly bored and will be able to verify that I have a pretty lame personal life. While I have nothing to hide, I feel I can understand why quite a few people feel threatened by what ‘big-brother’ might have in store if they are left unchecked. I certainly wouldn’t want my kids to be put in the path of danger because someone gained access to their data and I felt a little taste of this when reading an article published by

It appears that the NSA and GCHQ (UK counterpart of the NSA) are able to use data from various apps and use that data to mine personal information and location information. An app like Angry Birds can provide personal profile information and an app like Google Maps can provide location information.

It appears that smart phones are key to the ability to find this information and data can be collected both on an individual device and in mass collection efforts. The NSA has already spent more than a billion dollars in developing phone data collection and it doesn’t appear that there is currently an end in sight.

Again, I have very little data that the NSA is going to be interested in but it feels strange that we are being watched while playing Angry Birds. The burden of proof lies with the NSA to prove that such efforts are paying off in our national security, but I’m not convinced that we are going to see that happen until more people like Edward Snowden force their hand.

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