New Apple TV with Apps and Gaming Features Could be Apple’s Next Big Thing

AppleTV2A lot of rumors have been trickling through the tech network lately. Less than a week ago, we heard that Apple TV would soon be supporting Bluetooth controllers. In the lead-up to Apple’s big iPhone 5s announcement, tech writers were speculating that the “One more thing” on Sept. 10 would be a fourth-generation set-top box. Today, Apple updated its online retail store with a special page dedicated to the Apple TV. Does that mean Apple is preparing for a big update later this year that will “wow” us?

Not many people know this, but the Apple TV is my second favorite Apple device. I’d even choose it over an iPhone if I was forced to. I don’t have cable television and Apple TV gives me the opportunity to access practically every bit of media I could ever want. Plus, I can stream anything from my iPad, including slideshows from my recent trips and events. I’ve tried other set-top boxes, like Roku, but Apple TV won out thanks to its great user-interface and AirPlay connectivity.

If Apple really did update its “hobby” it might make me cry.

9to5Mac is claiming to have unconfirmed insider knowledge that adds to the credence of this rumor. According to the tech blog, Apple has been considering or testing a prototype version of the set-top box. Additionally, an unnamed source told 9to5Mac that Apple has considered combining the Apple TV and AirPort Express product, including integrating an 802.11ac wireless router to the former.

That would mean that Apple TV would have its own router. From my experience, one of the worst things about watching media through set-top boxes is the lag due to wireless connectivity of the modem. An internal router could improve performance significantly.

I’d love to see Apple TV get a refresh. My device is a few years old now. It works perfectly, but I’d trade up for an integrated router and the ability to download games and connect to a Bluetooth game pad.

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