New ‘Gadget’ Synth Studio from Korg Elevates iPad Music Production

Gadget App

Earlier this week I found myself thinking that the more time that passes, the less likely it seems that we’ll be impressed or amazed by new iOS apps. Yesterday I had to eat those words because of a musical app released by Korg, which has blown my mind and made me rethink my approach to creating music on the iPad.

The app was announced this week at NAMM and is called Gadget. It features 15 different synthesizers and a very powerful sequencer. There is a synth for pretty much every sound you can think of and if you know anything about the history of synthesis then you’ll recognize that each ‘Gadget’ pays tribute to a different classic instrument or genre. Not only has Korg nailed the visual interface for this app, but they have also nailed the usability and sound quality.


The absolute truth is that I haven’t found something wrong with Gadget yet, and I have been searching for a flaw for hours. I almost forgot to eat breakfast and my kids are lucky I got them to school on time. It’s addictive and fun, providing hours of music for both the experienced musician and the green beginner.

173 Gadget 2

The app is designed to be a synth studio, where you have access to 15 amazing sounding instruments. The primary interface is a row of empty slots, which change to faders when synths are added. Each screen has a dual view to maximize space efficiency, and which is successful at cramming an impressive amount of information into a limited space. Each instrument can be programmed by recording live input or by adding notes in their individual sequencer track. Tracks are limited to 8 bars, but you can add additional scenes for increased creative needs. Scenes are easily trigger-able from the primary project view and make it easy to perform a song live.

If I had more time I would walk you through each synth, but instead I am going to be posting a video later today with a brief look at this epic app. It is not the cheapest app (currently over $28 at a 25% discount) but it is worth every single penny. There is no place else in the known universe where you can buy something that sounds so good and is so much fun for under $30.

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  • Dusty

    Just purchased this today. Without a proper walk through i feel a bit overwhelmed. But intrigued nonetheless. Currently trying to figure out how to add more bars. its just looping one bar. grr.

    • Lory Gil

      Don’t give up! If you really get stuck, go to the KORG website and search for a detailed how-to guide.