Todoist Next is the New Update to the ‘World’s Best Task Manager’

Todoist Next1

It is easy to review apps and services which seemingly duplicate built-in iOS features because we have something very clear to compare. In the case of Todoist Next we also have a wide range of apps available on a wide range of platforms. Does Todoist Next deliver on its promise to ‘forever change digital productivity’? We won’t know that for some time, but what we do know is that this is a very capable task manager.

I use the Reminders app in iOS and I find that it works just fine. My favorite features are the ability to remind me of something based on my location and the integration with Siri. These two nice features are muddied, however, by a slightly non-intuitive interface and excess steps in setting things up. That’s where we can start talking about Todoist Next.

The Todoist interface is simple and elegant. They’ve taken what they have learned from previous versions and upped their game in the design category. There are extra visuals which help when setting tasks and working with other Todoist users.

One thing I didn’t even know I was missing in Reminders is the ability to collaborate with other users across all 13 Todoist platforms. I’ve always known that such software exists but it is often hard to use, doesn’t work in enough places, or costs money. Todoist Next is willing to sell you on this feature by providing collaboration between up to 6 people in the free version. If you think you can use this on a bigger scale then you can subscribe to the full version for 26 people at $28.99 a year.

Other premium features include SMS and email notifications, task notes, and setting tasks through email. All of the basic functionality is available in the free version, which should be enough for you to see if this is the right tool for you.

The marketing for this update may have been a little over the top because I do not believe that this is the task manager that will change the face digital productivity but if you look past the hype then you’ll see a very interesting app with some very useful features.

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  • rae_trent

    Was feeling the same way about Todoist in that it’s great and functional, but certainly not a game-changer. Have recently found out about Centrallo – a new productivity / organization app for iOS (rumor to release Android version in June) that has really blown away other competing to-do / organization apps for me. Worth taking a look.