Popular Recipe Site Epicurious Re-Launches All New iPad App

Epicurious 1One of my favorite things to use my iPad for is a cookbook. I regularly try new dinner recipes, cookie batches, and even specialty drink attempts. I’m one of those types that have more flour on my iPad than I do in my mixing bowl. A favorite app used to be Epicurious. However, I stopped using the food-discovery service about a year ago. No reason. I just started using Evernote Food to save recipes from my favorite food blogs, so most of my cookbook apps went on the “shelf.”

Epicurious has just been completely redesigned, renamed, and reimagined. So, I immediately redownloaded it and can’t wait to try a new recipe I’ve just found.

The new app, now called “Epicurious Recipe & Shopping List,” features more photos with bigger recipe layouts. The search filter includes an enhanced filter for dietary and food allergies. This app is now voice activated, which is my favorite part. Instead of tapping, swiping, and dragging my butter-covered fingers across my iPad’s screen, this app makes it possible to view recipes hands-free.

Epicurious 3The “Recipe Box” feature now lets you save recipes to a cloud storage service for free. You can save a recipe on your iPhone and open it on your iPad.

“Half of our users interact on mobile devices, so it’s important we continue to innovate and engage them with the most advanced technology available,” noted Carolyn Kremins, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Epicurious. “The app was reimagined with intuitive design and maximum functionality for our audience, together with native advertising options that offer natural sponsor integration.”

Epicurious 2Features of the new Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List app include:

  • Faster and easier search of 31,000 professionally created recipes. Browse a larger selection of recipe collections—curated according to user feedback and usage—that will change seasonally.
  • Voice activation allows for hands-free usage while cooking. Simple voice commands let users control the screen without touching it as they read and prepare a recipe, optimizing the way a digital device is used in the kitchen.
  • Recipe Preview Mode shows the user the photo, rating, cook time, and a handful of ingredients to provide an overall sense of what a recipe is about. This new feature allows users to be inspired while scrolling through recipes without getting bogged down by a ton of details.
  • Free Recipe Box and Shopping List automatically syncs saved recipes to the cloud, letting users effortlessly manage their recipes and lists across tablet, phone, and desktop in a seamless and modern way. (Syncing the Recipe Box had previously been a paid in-app purchase.)
  • Dietary and food allergy search filters include wheat/gluten-free, vegan, and low-carb–or users can simply filter by key ingredients.

Epicurious 4Epicurious Recipe & Shopping List is available on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch for free. Download it in the App Store today.

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