‘Beats Music’ Brings the Human Touch to its New Streaming Music Service

Beats Music

We told you last week that Beats Electronics was set to launch their music streaming service on Jan. 21. The company made good on their promise and Beats Music is now available in the App Store. The only problem is that it is not optimized for the iPad. You can still listen to streaming music from curated playlists on your iPad, but you’ll have to 2X the screen and get a pixelated view of album artwork.

Beats Music “combines the best music experts and technology to always deliver you the right music at the right time.” The company has been talking up the service for a while, describing it as something different because, unlike services like Pandora and Spotify’s radio streaming service, it combines algorithm software with real-life music experts to create a playlist more akin to what you are looking for.

From the company’s blog:

“In our experience it’s always been a living, breathing human who has brought us that song we fell in love with. The song you couldn’t stop playing over and over. The album you deemed a headphone masterpiece. The mix tape that made you think “I’m gonna marry this one.” We tried to remember a time a robot found us magic but all we could find were the times the robot made us laugh: ‘You like Pantera? Have you heard of Black Sabbath?’ ‘You like Mumford and Sons? Here’s another song with banjos!’”

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While music-streaming services have upgraded to a more personal interaction, it is possible that Beats Music will be able to offer a wider variety of music based on the 20 million songs they have at their disposal. Services like Songza offer currated playlists based on time of day, activities being performed, and even timely events, like baby showers or Madmen-themed cocktail parties. Even iTunes radio offers stations with music that was handpicked by guest artists. It will be interesting to see if this one rises above the rest.

Even more interesting is the fact that, there is no free tier with Beats Music. The only way you can listen through the service is by subscribing for $9.99 per month. Of course, there is a free seven-day trial so you can see if it is worth the subscription price.

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By not offering a free version of the service, Beats Music might be placing itself in an elite category that will make it worth signing up for. It’s like buying an expensive luxury vehicle, or an iPad instead of an Android-based tablet. The premium price implies that you will receive something better if you are willing to invest. With Apple products it’s true. Maybe Beats Music will be the same thing.

Beats Music is currently only available on the iPhone. However, all major music streaming services have eventually offered an iPad version at some point. Presumably, the company is working on a display screen that is optimized for the 9.7-inch screen. Download it for free in the App Store today.

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