This Week’s App Store Editor’s Choice: Storehouse

Storehouse 1Welcome to another edition of our weekly Editor’s Choice column. Each week, Apple picks a couple of apps for their unique qualities and spotlights them for the Editor’s Choice. Every week, we highlight one of the apps that Apple has given the award to. Last week, Joe Danger Infinity was given the special spot in the App Store for its fun and exciting arcade style game mechanics.

This week, Apple spotlighted a photography app that turns your pictures into stories that everyone can read and experience fully. Add text, videos, and photos to create an exposition that will be loved by others in the community.

Storehouse is a photography app that lets you explore visually stunning picture essays by people from around the world. Not only can you view exciting and stunning projects from others, but you can also submit your own stories to share with others.

Storehouse 3This app reminds me of another photography app that made the Editor’s Choice last year, Fotopedia Reporter. With Storehouse, users have more control over where text is added and what it looks like. You can also included 30-second videos to really make a statement with your stories.

After creating an account, you will unlock a world of beautiful imagery, from cross-country skiing in Yosemite to a guide to basket weaving. To view a story, swipe downward from the main screen. You’ll see the publisher’s name and profile information, the text associated with the stories, the pictures, and any videos. To exit a story and go back to the main screen, pinch to zoom out or swipe upward at the end of the story.

Storehouse 2Currently, there are dozens of stories that have already made it to the main page, including a synopsis of a short film, multiple profile stories on fascinating people, and more. You will see landscape photographs from the Himalayas, action shots of horse racing in California, and devastatingly beautiful images of the blight that still plagues New Orleans years after Katrina.

In addition to seeing what the world has to offer, you can create and publish your own stories. It is very easy to do. Tap the plus (+) button in the upper right corner to start your story. Add as many photos as you like up to 50. You can also include 30-second videos. Import images and videos from your iPad’s camera roll, Dropbox, Flickr, or Instagram. Once you’ve added the photos you want to use, you can resize them rearrange them, and remove them.

Storehouse 4You can also include text using three different formats of fonts. Use headers for different sections, body for the paragraphs, and quotes to call special attention to certain sentences that stand out. You can move the text around. It is added as a text box that can be move around anywhere. Images will automatically reposition whenever you move anything.

After your story is complete, you can publish it to Storehouse for everyone to see. There is no way to keep your stories private or only share them with people who follow you, so keep that in mind when creating stories using pictures of your teenage son getting his tooth pulled.

Storehouse is free and only available on the iPad. Download it in the App Store today.

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