Latest VLC App Update Adds Cloud Support for Google Drive and Dropbox


In a welcome update to VLC we finally have a new iOS 7 interface, added multi-touch gestures, streaming capabilities from Dropbox, and Google Drive integration. In addition to a number of high profile feature updates, there are also quite a few under the hood tweaks which improve audio playback and other media handling.

VLC has always been the Swiss Army knife of media players because it can handle a wide variety of formats without requiring conversion and has found popularity among people with large media libraries. New features in 2.2.0 help streamline the access of collections such as television episodes by adding new library management features.

By far the most exciting new features allow VLC to integrate with Dropbox and Google Drive. It is going to save a lot of time now that we can stream directly from DropBox. I use Dropbox a lot to transfer media files to clients and now I can access these and play them without having to switch apps or download them first.

Here is a list of notable new features:

  • GDrive integration and Dropbox streaming
  • New multitouch gestures
  • Improved library for TV Shows and Audio
  • Better UPnP integration, with downloading support
  • A startup tutorial
  • New streaming formats and protocols supported
  • Rewritten WiFi upload
  • Improved privacy when using Passcode Lock

Are there any downsides to this new update? I haven’t been able to fully test it to see if there are new bugs but the biggest change is that it no longer supports iOS 5, which means that you can’t use it on the original iPad. There are bound to be a few of those left in circulation, but with every update there are more and more reasons to upgrade to a new device.

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