Google Developing App to Remotely Control Your Computer From Your iPad or iPhone

Chromoting IconRemote access to a desktop or laptop computer is a must have for a lot of people. Remote services like LogMeIn are very useful, and also very expensive. According to 9to5Mac, Google is working on its own remote desktop service that will eventually allow you to access your Mac or PC from your iPhone or iPad. What makes Google’s service stand out above the rest is that it will supposedly cost nothing to use.

According to 9to5Mac, the service, called “Chromoting” has been in the works on the Android operating system for a while now, but only recently has the company indicated working on an iOS version.

The posting on the Chromium project forum noted that the iOS version is “very unpolished at this stage.” The developers are working on rearranging toolbar access and redesigning the user interface to work better with iOS. The project forum also specified that the iOS client will launch after the Android client “given they are in different stages of implementation.”

A possible remote access service from Google could be a great addition to the App Store. Apple’s cloud service may be great for storing and sharing documents and files, but sometimes, you just need to grab something from your desktop that you forgot to save in the cloud. Chromoting may make it possible for everyone to remotely access their computer without having to pay a monthly service.

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  • Eugene

    Try this Ammyy Admin
    The software doesn’t require installation and registration. You can connect to any PC which is behind NAT.