Adobe Almost Ready to Release ‘Lightroom’ Photo Suite for iPad

Lightroom iOSLast May, we learned that Adobe was working on a version of their photo editing software Lightroom for the iPad. At the time, the company’s group product manager for Lightroom, Tom Hogarty, had demonstrated a prototype of the program on the web-based show “The Grid.”

Today, 9to5Mac discovered that Adobe is almost ready to launch Lightroom for the iPad when it was referenced on the company’s website earlier this week.

According to 9to5Mac, Lightroom for Mobile appeared on Adobe’s website a few days ago. However, it was taken down after the tech blog contacted Adobe for comment.

The information no longer appears on the website, but the fine sleuthing from the team at 9to5Mac were able to grab a few screen shots and get some bits of information about the upcoming mobile service.

One support representative for Adobe told 9to5Mac that Lightroom Mobile was, indeed built for the iPad and that it would have much of the same features that the desktop version has.

Additionally, based on the order page and an official order confirmation from a reader, it appears that use of Lightroom Mobile will require a $99 per year subscription. The app will allow users to sync their projects through Adobe’s Creative Cloud system to various devices.

There is still no information as to pricing and availability. However, the app will presumably be free to download, since it requires a $99 subscription. It will likely launch in the coming weeks, since Adobe has already begun coding their website for it.

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