Looks Like Apple had a Holly Jolly Christmas – Analyst Estimates 80+ Million iPads and iPhones Sold Last Quarter

iPad Christmas ShoppingAnalyst T. Michael Walkley wrote a note to investors today that included information on estimated sales of Apple’s iOS devices over the past holiday season. Walkley’s company, Canaccord Genuity, uses proprietary survey information to collect data regarding sales. The report suggests that sales of the iPhone 5s and iPad Air showed high growth during the Christmas shopping season.

Walkley projected that Apple sold 54 million iPhones in the December quarter, up 13 percent from the same time a year ago. He also believes that Apple sold 24.8 million iPads, a growth of eight percent over the December quarter in 2012. Walkley also told investors he anticipates that Apple sold twice as many iPhone 5s models as iPhone 5c models.

The analyst’s predictions for the future are that Apple will sell a total of 180.4 million devices in 2014. Those numbers may increase significantly if Apple’s launch on China Mobile goes well. China Mobile is the world’s largest mobile Internet provider and, until now, has not participated in iPhone sales.

Walkley recently attended this year’s Consumer Electronics show and was less than impressed with Android-based smartphones that will hit the market later this year. “With each new high-end smartphone introduction featuring a slightly fast processor, slightly better graphics, marginally better camera, slightly thinner form factor, and slightly bigger screen, we walked away from CES essentially unable to distinguish what was new or different about any of the essentially identical looking LTE Android smartphones introduced,” he wrote in his note to investors. Walkley believes that brand names, like Apple and Samsung will be the drivers of the mobile device industry in 2014.

[Via: AppleInsider]

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