PAC-MAN Goes Free for App Of The Week, New Update Adds More Pellet-Chomping Fun

PAC-MAN 2I know. We already posted our Flashback Friday article. Plus, we already wrote about PAC-MAN for our first-ever Flashback Friday. So, what is the disc-shaped hungry man doing that makes him so important today? Well, first of all, Apple has made the little guy this week’s App Store App of the Week, which also makes the game free. However, in addition to a price drop from $6.99 to zero, PAC-MAN also recently received an update that added brand new levels and a completely redesigned interface so your favorite classic arcade game has a whole new adventure.

PAC-MAN 3The classic game, the one you used to play at the arcade after school everyday, is still there and part of the free download. You can play the entire classic PAC-MAN adventure for free. The game has been redesigned so the background is bit different, but the maze itself is exactly the same as when you played it as a kid. The eight additional new mazes cost $0.99 each. Or, you can purchase the entire package for 62 percent off right now at only $2.99. Each new maze features loads of power pellets so you can gobble the ghosts for extra points. Plus, there are bonus rounds that are ghost-free.

PAC-MAN 1The game has also been redesigned so you don’t have to use the virtual joystick to move PAC-MAN around. You can choose from the traditional joystick controller, or swipe-to-move direction changing. It’s up to you.

PAC-MAN has traditionally been priced at $4.99. This is the first time the game has ever been free. Now, you can play the classic arcade title to your heart’s content. Plus, if you can’t get enough of the pellet-eating saucer, you can purchase a bunch of new mazes to keep you going for years to come.

PAC-MAN is available on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch for free. Download it in the App Store today.

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