iPads are Gaining Entry into Corporate World Thanks to iPhone Proliferation

iPad in BusinessThere was a time in recent history when Apple was considered low on the list of computer companies. Until the iPod came out around the turn of the century, most people considered the tech giant to be on its way out. Less than a decade ago, the business world was run on BlackBerry mobile devices and desktop PCs. Today, thanks to the iPhone, more everyday people and more companies are switching to Apple for all of their computing needs.

According to the Wall Street Journal, not only has the iPhone replaced BlackBerry as the number one mobile phone in enterprise, but also the iPad has fast become a replacement for the chunky, space-hogging PC.

Forrester Research estimates that Apple captured approximately eight percent of global business and government spending on computers and tablets in 2012, up from only one percent in 2009. The research firm also predicts that Apple’s market share in enterprise will increase to 11 percent by 2015. This information does not include the iPhone, which is the most widely purchased Apple product by corporations.

Two other independent research firms, IDC and Gartner, have also reported that overall PC sales have declined recently. Both companies point to tablet sales, specifically the iPad, as the device consumers are buying to replace outdated PCs.

“In the U.S. and Europe, tablets were one of the hottest holiday items, and in emerging markets, consumers are increasingly choosing tablets as their computing device, impacting PC sales,” Maynard Um of Wells Fargo said in a note to investors [via: AppleInsider].

While Apple has not pushed its products on businesses in the past, within the past few years, the company has been reworking its software to be more compatible with the needs of corporations. For example, OS X Mavericks, in collaboration with iCloud, has made it possible for employees to create and securely share documents across all devices. According to the Wall Street Journal, Mavericks includes enhanced security and data-encryption technology specifically designed for corporate customers.

The iPad is also being deployed in large quantities across retail stores like Nordstrom and JC Penny. Plus, travel companies like American Airlines have deployed iPads to customers and staff, including pilots, to make flights better for everyone.

Although new tablets enter the industry every day, it is not difficult to see why Apple still owns the majority of the market share with its ease of use, wide-spread compatibility, and great design.

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  • Roberto Matthews

    I think this article and the one by the Wall Street Journal will convince me to purchase an iPhone the next time I go to my new every two!

    I already own an iPad and love it – especially as a musician being able to carry two or three binders worth of music in one device!

    As a matter of fact I “typed,” this comment just speaking through the iPad, and with the new incarnation of OS 7, I’m able to you do a lot of things that I was able to only do on the android device.