The Joy Factory Debuts iPad Mounting Systems & More at CES


Yesterday at CES, The Joy Factory unveiled a new line of iPad and tablet accessories, including mounting accessories fit for projection stands and wheelchair systems, a new stylus line and rugged cases.

“Consumers continue to the push the boundaries of tablet and smartphone usage,” said Sampson Yang, president of The Joy Factory. “In response to a growing demand for accessories that can transcend device usage in business and recreational environments, The Joy Factory is unveiling its new line specialty iPad and universal tablet mounting systems and iOS mobile accessory solutions for work, home and everywhere in between.”

The Illustrate Document Projection App and its accompanying stand ($179.95) is one proposed system, which turns your iPad into a document projector when paired with an Apple TV. By just mounting the tablet onto the stand and running the app, your iPad’s camera can be projected onto the screen. The app allows for annotation and screenshots as well, making presentations simple and intuitive–with no wires.

The Joy Factory also showed off the Klick Universal Tablet Stand ($59.95), a desktop mounting system allowing you to set your iPad at eye level. After snapping your iPad into the bracket, you can easily rotate and adjust the iPad to your liking. Designed with ergonomics in mind, the stand strives to help with reducing eye strain and slouching.

For those looking to make their iPad water-resistant and shockproof, the new aXtion Go and Bold line of protective cases adds a little confidence in taking the tablet on-the-go without worry. The aXtion line also includes bike mounts, making the iPad ready for all terrain indoors and out. I’m not sure how, even with a mount, someone would operate their iPad while biking, but more adventurous cyclists can probably find a way.

There’s more where those came from; if you’re at CES, The Joy Factory will be showing off these and other new products in the iLounge at Booth #5006. If you’re not at the show, check out The Joy Factory’s website for details.

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