Spotify Streaming Music is Basically Now Free on iPad, Shuffle Play Now on iPhone

Spotify 2Last month, Spotify updated its mobile streaming music service for the iPhone and iPad that made it possible for users to listen to music in a slightly more on-demand version than previously available. Before December 2013, users needed a paid subscription to listen to artists or albums that they wanted to on iOS. Then, in December, the company updated the service to allow iPad users to listen to personal and friends’ playlists, but the iPhone was still limited.

Today, Spotify updated its app to allow shuffle play for iPhone users. Plus, you can now listen to any song, anytime on the iPad without needing any paid subscription.

Spotify has long been one of the most popular streaming music services around. One reason for their popularity is that users can listen to artists, songs, and entire albums on-demand. While other music services would only play similar songs via “radio” stations, Spotify would allow users to listen to a specific album from a specific band without having to pay a subscription fee. Users only had to sit through a couple of commercials throughout their listening session.

Spotify 1However, the mobile apps were much more restrictive. You couldn’t even use the app for a long time without entering your subscription credentials. Over time, Spotify for iOS become more and more accessible. Today’s update makes the streaming music service pretty much exactly the same as the desktop version. That is, for the iPad. The iPhone version is still a bit behind. At this time, Spotify shuffle is the only way iPhone users can listen to a specific artist or album. It is pretty close, though. I don’t mind. I use my iPad to listen to music much more often than my iPhone.

Spotify is available on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch for free. Download it in the App Store today and listen for free on tablets for the first time ever.

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  • elkabong

    looks like USA only ? it’s not available in Canada i can say for sure