Need More Space on your iPad? LaCie’s New Fuel Drive Gives you 1TB of Wireless Storage

Fuel_with_iPadWhen you are out on an extended trip, do you find yourself having a difficult time keeping your iPad from filling up with all of the movies, music, and T.V. shows you want to bring with you? If you regularly capture video of your family on vacation, you may eat up all of the storage space on your iPad before you get to the end of your trip. If you want more storage for your iOS device, LaCie has a solution.

The new LaCie Fuel is a mobile wireless hard drive for your iPad, iPhone, or Mac. The device contains one terabyte of external storage capacity without requiring Internet access to connect. You can store as many as 500 movies, 16,000 songs, or 190,000 photos and share them with up to five devices simultaneously. Fuel is AirPlay compatible, so you can watch movies or listen to music with compatible devices.

“The mobile industry is ubiquitous. Consumers rely on their mobile devices more than any other personal technology,” Philippe Spruch, executive vice president, Seagate branded, CEO and chairman of the board, LaCie. “The LaCie Fuel enriches mobile entertainment by providing consumers with ample storage and untethered accessibility. By name, form, and function, the LaCie Fuel lets users sustain their digital life.”

The mobile storage device features 10 hours of battery life and lets users connect to it directly without needing Internet access. Additionally, the Fuel acts as a hotspot when connected to Wi-Fi so that connected devices can also take advantage of Internet access.

The device is compatible with Dropbox so that anything you add to Dropbox will automatically appear in the Fuel storage space. Imagine being able to have someone at home add videos to Dropbox so that you can access them and stream them wherever you are, right from Fuel without having to download anything.

The 1TB LaCie Fuel will launch soon for $199.99. Visit the company’s website for more information about where to get your mobile storage device when it becomes available.

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