Politician Forced to use iPad Bible App for Swearing in Ceremony

iPad Bible

iPads have been used by politicians in a wide range of settings, but a story out of Nassau county shows that the iPad may have finally replaced the Good Book itself. In a ceremony on January 2nd, County Executive Edward Mangano was sworn in using a downloaded Bible on an iPad because a physical copy couldn’t be found. I can’t help wonder if this speaks to the ingenuity of Nassau county or its godlessness because they couldn’t find a single real Bible.

All kidding aside, it is clear that tablets have found their way into our lives in ways that are impacting how we see the world and how we live in it. Mobile technology lives at the heart of almost every controversy and news story in the past year. Whether it is the NSA spying on the world, corporations suing each other, movies and music leaking to the public, or whatever the case may be, it’s unlikely that the majority of people with access to this technology could ever really go back to living without it. Perhaps I’m just speaking for myself.

One thing that is quickly becoming clear is that people need to learn technology etiquette in their personal and professional lives. As a professor I can tell endless stories of students on cell phones during lectures, but I’ve learned that I need to embrace their use instead of ban it. I’ve also learned that nothing I do in class should be considered private and that I need to stay away from things that could go viral in bad way. All it takes is one student sharing a video online and when it spreads it’s amazing how the upper administration pays attention.

As the new year begins, my own resolutions include using my iPhone less when hanging out with my friends, calling my parents more than texting them, playing more board-games instead of online games, and generally cutting back on my overall usage. I even asked Siri to remind to start sometime next month.

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