iPad Web Traffic Slips in December but it’s Still King of Tablets by a Wide Margin

Chitika Holiday ReportJust before the New Year, NPD Group released a report showing that Apple increased its share of the tablet marked during the Holiday season by 2.6 percent. While those numbers could mean millions of new iPad owners, it is still much lower than Android’s success this holiday season. NPD Group reported an increase of 160 percent of Android tablet sales during Christmas.

Today, Chitika Insights released a report with similar figures, showing that the iPad dropped 1.3 percent in usage after Christmas, as compared to Amazon, which increased by 0.6 percent. The iPad saw the biggest drop in usage for the post-holiday shopping season.

Chitika’s report uses data collected from tens of millions of smartphone and tablet online ad impressions. From Dec. 20 to 29, Chitika tracked Web traffic usage on these devices generated in the U.S. and Canada.

Although the iPad is definitely taking a hit compared to last year, it still reign’s king over the tablet market by a significant amount. Chitika estimates that Apple has captured 76.8 percent of tablet usage, even after dropping 1.3 percent. The next competitor, Amazon, generated 9.4 percent of Internet usage.

Chitika contributes the increase in Kindle sales to the low cost of the tablet, which is normal for gift giving. The research firm also noted that Microsoft made huge gains this year compared to last, making it the fourth largest tablet for web traffic in North America.

Chitika predicts that, due to more tablets entering the market, it is going to continue to be hard for Apple to maintain its dominance over the tablet market in the future.

“While Apple’s iPad is unlikely to relinquish its crown as top driver of tablet Web traffic in the foreseeable future, Amazon’s Kindle Fire has performed very well for a second consecutive year, and Microsoft’s notable year-over-year rise in the space, from 0.4% share to 2.3%, underscores the market’s more “wide open” nature.”

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