Apple’s iOS 7 Adoption at 78 Percent, Increases Regularly Each Week

ios_7_adoption_december30Apple prides itself on having the highest adoption rate of any mobile operating system on the market. Part of the reason iOS is so popular is because the iPad maker gives it away for free and makes it possible to use on more generations of devices than any other company. Today, Apple added figures to its developer support page showing the adoption rate of iOS 7. While not up to 100 percent, iOS 7 is certainly gaining steam for Apple users.

Research firm Chitika reported in September that iOS 7 was running on 18 percent of all iOS devices within 24 hours of its launch, surpassing the iOS 6 adoption rate for its first 24 hours.

As of today, iOS 7 now runs on 78 percent of all iOS devices, up two percent from last week. According to TheNextWeb, last week, iOS 7 was running on 76 devices, while iOS 6 captured 20 percent and four percent were still running an earlier version of iOS. This week, iOS 7 got a two-point bump, while iOS 6 dropped to 18 percent and earlier operating systems remained the same.

android-131231Apple’s most current version of iOS is far more popular than its biggest competitor, Android. AppleInsider points out that Google’s newest version of Android, KitKat (v. 4.4) is only running on 1.1 percent of devices. As of Dec. 2, the most popular version of Android, Jelly Bean (v.4.1 – 4.3) is running on about 54 percent of all devices. About half of that, 24.1 percent of Android users are running on Gingerbread (v.2.3.3 – 2.3.7), which hasn’t been updated since September of 2011. That would be like having a quarter of all iOS user still running iOS 5. From the data mentioned above, only four percent of Apple device users are running anything lower than iOS 6.

Apple definitely has bragging rights in this arena. These numbers will likely increase over the next few weeks as popular jailbreak software has recently cracked the iOS 7 code. Some users have been waiting to update to iOS 7 until they could jailbreak their device.

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  • KeithSloan

    But what happens when you allow for the fact that there were a lot of new devices as a result of Christmas and those new devices being iOS7 sure the percentage of non iOS7 goes down, but have that many really upgraded?