New Concept Images show Curved Apple Television Set Running iOS 7

iTV Mockup Hajek 1The rumored Apple branded television set has been a part of tech news for so long now, it practically seems like it already does exist, except that no one has actually seen it. Analysts, suppliers, and gossips have told us that the living room device is coming our way, any day now. There have even a number of concept images made showing what the TV set could actually look like.

Concept artist Martin Hajek recently took an idea from another concept artist, Andrew Ambrosino, and came up with a new look for the Apple TV set that features curved glass and an iOS 7 interface.

iTV Mockup Hajek 3Hajek has been a fan favorite of concept Apple products for some time now. He brought us the “iPad 5” with Touch ID, as well as the iPad mini mockup. Unlike previous concept images, the curved glass Apple TV set or “iTV” does not come from any rumored specs that already exist. In fact, no one has mentioned curved glass as part of a TV set design yet.

However, the curved glass concept seems, at least, slightly possible. Samsung recently launched the Galaxy Round smartphone in Korea, which is made with a concave display screen.

We recently discovered that Apple was awarded a patent for a touch sensor device that uses curved glass, so we know that the company is looking at design possibilities.

iTV Mockup Hajek 2

Hajek’s mockup shows a curved display for a 46-inch television screen. The base of the TV set is similar to Apple’s iMac screen. In fact, the entire television set looks remarkably like an iMac. There is even a mockup showing the set in gold, silver, and space gray.

Of course, it is not particularly likely that Apple’s first submission to the television set market will be so round. Curved glass is still somewhat of a novelty and has not been tested with consumers long enough for it to be trusted as a useful design. However, Hajek sure knows how to make a good-looking fake Apple device. It is fun to imagine what something like that would look like in my living room. I’m pretty sure I’d sell my car to be able to buy one.

[Via: Redmond Pie]

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  • immovableobject

    No one has ever articulated what the advantage of a curved screen television is. It seems that all it does is reduce the quality of the image for off-axis viewers. I still remember what a big marketing feature it was when CRT televisions evolved from curved to flat faced. Now curved is supposed to be good again. Why?